Shortcut keys to display debugging windows in Visual studio 2005

30 12 2008

Ctrl-Alt-V, A
Displays the Auto window to view the values of variables currently in the scope of the current line of execution within the current procedure
Displays the Call Stack window to display a list of all active procedures or stack frames for the current thread of execution. Available only in break mode
Displays the Disassembly window
Displays the Immediate window, where you can evaluate expressions and execute individual commands
Ctrl-Alt-V, L
Displays the Locals window to view the variables and their values for the currently selected procedure in the stack frame
Ctrl-Alt-M, 1
Displays the Memory 1 window to view memory in the process being debugged. This is particularly useful when you do not have debugging symbols available for the code you are looking at. It is also helpful for looking at large buffers, strings, and other data that does not display clearly in the Watch or Variables window
Ctrl-Alt-M, 2
Displays the Memory 2 window
Ctrl-Alt-M, 3
Displays the Memory 3 window
Ctrl-Alt-M, 4
Displays the Memory 4 window
Displays the Modules window, which allows you to view the .dll or .exe files loaded by the program. In multiprocess debugging, you can right-click and select Show Modules for all programs
Displays the Registers window, which displays CPU register contents
Displays the Running Documents window that displays the set of HTML documents that you are in the process of debugging. Available in break and run modes
Ctrl-Alt-V, T
Displays the This window, which allows you to view the data members of the object associated with the current method
Displays the Threads window to view all of the threads for the current process
Displays the disassembly information for the current source file. Available only in break mode
Ctrl-Alt-W, 1
Displays the Watch 1 window to view the values of variables or watch expressions
Ctrl-Alt-W, 2
Displays the Watch 2 window
Ctrl-Alt-W, 3
Displays the Watch 3 window
Ctrl-Alt-W, 4
Displays the Watch 4 window




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