How to get the path of an executable file or a containing specified module

31 12 2008

The GetModuleFileName function retrieves the full path and filename for the executable file containing the specified module.

DWORD WINAPI GetModuleFileName( __in HMODULE hModule, __out LPTSTR lpFilename, __in DWORD nSize );


A handle to the loaded module whose path is being requested. If this parameter is NULL, GetModuleFileName retrieves the path of the executable file of the current process.


A pointer to a buffer that receives the fully-qualified path of the module. If the length of the path exceeds the size that the nSize parameter specifies, the function succeeds, and the string is truncated to nSize characters and cannot be null terminated.

The string returned will use the same format that was specified when the module was loaded. Therefore, the path can be a long or short file name, and can use the prefix “\\?\”. For more information, see Naming a File.


The size of the lpFilename buffer, in TCHARs.




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