Principles of good GUI design

8 01 2009


Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are the user interface part of an application. Most of the cases it act as the front end of our applications.  So it must be effective and purposeful.

It is better to consider the following things during a GUI development. 

  1. The captions of the controls should be readable.
  2. Avoid cluttered controls.
  3. It should be fully visible in all resolutions.
  4. Should follow same theme throughout the application.
  5. Avoid recursive message boxes.
  6. Notify the user about the error, warning and information in a smooth and fine way.
  7. Provide traceable path with the text message boxes.
  8. Use model and modeless dialogs effectively.
  9. Set proper tab order to controls.
  10.  Provide keyboard accelerators to access menu items and controls within the main window.

If you apply these principles in GUI design, your users could use it easily and quickly.




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