How to get a window from a mouse point

3 02 2009




Sometimes it is very useful to get the handle of other application windows when the mouse cursor is over it. Once you get the handle of a window you could perform different operations using it.




This could be established by using the Windows APIs GetCursorPos and WindowFromPoint. You could also analyse the classname of the window you got by another API GetClassName.




void FindWindowFromMousePoint()
   //give 1 second to move your mouse
   POINT screenpoint;
   CWnd* pFoundWindow = NULL;
   //Get the mouse point
   GetCursorPos (&screenpoint); 
   //get handle to the window under the cursor
   pFoundWindow = WindowFromPoint (screenpoint);
   char* chClassname = new char[255];
   //Get the classname from the window handle
   ::GetClassName(pFoundWindow->m_hWnd, chClassname, 255);
   CString strClassname = chClassname;
   if( 0 == strClassname.CompareNoCase(_T("SysListView32")) )
      AfxMessageBox(_T("The mouse is over the desktop"));
      AfxMessageBox(_T("The mouse is over %s"),chClassname);




The WindowFromPoint function doesn’t retrieve a handle to a hidden or disabled window.




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