How to make a colored button

22 01 2012

We cannot directly change the default color of push buttons in VC++ applications. WM_CTLCOLOR does  not work for push buttons. 😦  Then how can we set our own color for push buttons.

The only way to change the color for push buttons is to use owner-draw button control. That means we have to change the style of the push button to Owner draw. Then within the WM_DRAWITEM message handler we can decide what drawing action is required for our controls.

afx_msg void OnDrawItem(int nIDCtl, LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct);
The first parameter is the id of the control that sent the WM_DRAWITEM message and the second parameter pointing to DRAWITEMSTRUCT structure that contains information about the item to be drawn and the type of drawing required.



void CMyDialog::OnDrawItem(int nIDCtl, LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct)
		CDC dc;

		dc.Attach(lpDrawItemStruct ->hDC);
		RECT rect;
		rect= lpDrawItemStruct ->rcItem;

		UINT state=lpDrawItemStruct->itemState;

		if((state & ODS_SELECTED))


		dc.SetBkMode( TRANSPARENT );

		TCHAR buffer[MAX_PATH];
		ZeroMemory(buffer,MAX_PATH );


	CDialog::OnDrawItem(nIDCtl, lpDrawItemStruct);

Don’t forget to set Owner Draw property of the control as true form the IDE property section of the controls.




6 responses

28 07 2012
Good name

Thanks! good for me

29 07 2012
Sanoop S P

Thank you.

30 07 2012
Good name

is it work for VC++ 6 ?

31 07 2012
Sanoop S P

Yes.. This will work in VC++ 6.

19 11 2012

thank you for the code….works great, best regards Thomas

9 12 2012
Sanoop S P

Thank you Thomas

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