How to Flash a Window icon in the taskbar

28 01 2012

You must have noticed that in the chat applications like MSN messenger or Google Talk, when we get a message and our chat window is minimized at that instant, it will start blinking on the task bar. That means in any occasion where the application has to notify the user that  it needs their attention to minimized window in the task bar.

Windows applications provide APIs FlashWindow and FlashWindowEx to flashes the specified window.

Before using this function we have to create a FLASHWINFO structure and fill it with flash status of the window and number of times the system has to flash the window.


//CDialog derived class
CMyDialog* m_pMyDlg;
void CreateFlashWindow()
//Create a window
m_pMyDlg = new CMyDialog();

//Show window

//Fill blinking info
if (m_pMyDlg->m_hWnd)
info.cbSize = sizeof(info);
info.hwnd = m_pMyDlg->m_hWnd;
info.dwFlags = FLASHW_ALL;
info.dwTimeout = 0;
info.uCount = 3;

//any time the minimized application window
//need to get user attention, call this method
void OnNotifyUser()

If you just want to flash the window once, use FlashWindow function. To flash the window a specified number of times, use FlashWindowEx functions.




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