How to get the system color of a display element

2 10 2012

Sometime we may need to get the system defined RGB value of a display elements (user controls) like dialog, scrollbar, button, listbox etc. How do we get it?

Windows provides an API GetSysColor to retrieve the current color of the specified display element.

DWORD GetSysColor(int nIndex);

int nIndex – The display element whose color is to be retrieved. It can be CTLCOLOR_DLG, CTLCOLOR_SCROLLBAR, CTLCOLOR_BTN, CTLCOLOR_LISTBOX etc.

The function returns the red, green, blue (RGB) color value of the given element.

void GetSystemDefinedColor()
	//Dialog System defined color
	DWORD dwControlColor = ::GetSysColor(CTLCOLOR_DLG);
	int r = GetRValue(dwControlColor);
	int g = GetGValue(dwControlColor);
	int b = GetBValue(dwControlColor);

	//Listbox System defined color
	dwControlColor = ::GetSysColor(CTLCOLOR_LISTBOX);
	r = GetRValue(dwControlColor);
	g = GetGValue(dwControlColor);
	b = GetBValue(dwControlColor);

SetSysColors API can be used to set the colors for specified display elements.




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