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I really hope my posts will be able to help you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedbacks, or anything so i can improve this blog.


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10 08 2012
Ranjithkumar S

why can’t you provide more question and answer for VC++ and MFC?

I really appreciate to you. because you are doing great job.

12 08 2012
Sanoop S P

Thank you Ranjithkumar. Definitely I will try to add more questions.

5 04 2013
Makarand Sinkar


I need to write a routine in C or C++ which will get the UUID or ProcessorID of a desktop.

This routine needs to be called in Java. I am not familiar with C++ language. Can you pls help.

There is a routine for getting CPU name. Can this be altered a bit to get the processor ID and UUID?

Thank you for the Tips. They are indeed so invaluable.

5 04 2013
Sanoop S P


Do you need to get system hardware information?

Please let me know.

WIth Best Regards,

24 05 2013
Sharan Dhanala

Hi. I tried using your code which would give me the position of blinking cursor. but this code doesnt seem to work for me. I get an error with m_hWnd where console keeps popping hwnd does not have such a member. Can you please help me out here? thanks

27 05 2013
Sanoop S P

Hello Sharan,

m_hWnd is the handle to the window where user is working on. Could you please check the link

With Best Regards,

1 06 2013

this is really useful, it have to more questions

2 06 2013
Sanoop S P

thank you

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